By entering the banking scene as a disruptor, TymeBank not only made waves but also set new standards of excellence and innovation in the banking sector. Let’s dive deep to understand the magic behind this rising digital bank.


A Technology-Based Vision

The decision to be South Africa’s first bank to operate entirely from a cloud-based network was not just about keeping up with the times. It was a strategic choice to ensure fast, secure, and efficient operations. With an account opening process that takes less than five minutes, whether online or through a TymeBank kiosk, this technology-based approach has proven its value time and time again.

Simplified Money Sending

The days of lengthy forms and waiting to transfer money are gone. With TymeBank’s SendMoney app, it now takes just nine seconds to send money to any cellphone in South Africa. Not only that, this feature, along with many others, reflects the bank’s commitment to frictionless banking services.


Saving with GoalSave

Saving money isn’t always easy, especially when traditional bank accounts offer minimal interest rates. TymeBank’s GoalSave tool addresses this issue, allowing customers to enjoy an impressive interest rate of up to 8% per year on their savings.

A Reliable Alternative to Traditional Banks

The exponential growth in TymeBank’s customer numbers is a testament to its effectiveness and reliability. They entered the sector as disruptors and are now solidly positioned as a trusted alternative to the country’s traditional banks. Their focus on meeting consumer needs, combined with an innovative approach, has made them a force to be reckoned with in the South African banking sector.

Applying for Your TymeBank Card: What You Need to Know

Choosing TymeBank is not just choosing a bank; it’s adopting a simpler, more efficient, and transparent approach to your finances. And the process to get your TymeBank card is as easy as using its many services.

Eligibility and Documentation:

Firstly, you need to be a South African citizen or a permanent resident. The primary document required is a valid South African identification number. This is a proactive measure by TymeBank to combat identity fraud, ensuring the safety of its customers.

Visit a TymeBank Kiosk:

Spread throughout the country, in Pick ‘n Pay and Boxer stores, you’ll find TymeBank self-service kiosks. These interactive stations allow you to initiate the account opening process and request your card.

Quick and Secure Verification Process:

By entering your identification number at the kiosk, TymeBank will conduct a swift verification process. Once your identity is successfully verified, you’re one step away from getting your card.

A Social Commitment Behind This Technological Advancement

TymeBank not only promised to expand banking services to all South Africans; it brought this promise to life. And it’s not an empty statement – it’s a tangible reality lived by over 2.5 million satisfied customers. These are not just numbers in a system but living testimonies to the bank’s ability to reach and enrich people’s lives.

So, what makes TymeBank so special? It’s not just its cutting-edge technology or ease of accessibility, but the combination of its forward-looking vision with a deep understanding of human needs. At its core, TymeBank is not just a bank; it’s a revolution aiming to make the financial world more inclusive, accessible, and meaningful for everyone.

Ease and Accessibility

With self-service kiosks strategically positioned in Pick ‘n Pay and Boxer stores nationwide, customers have the luxury of opening an account whenever it suits them. No queues, no extensive paperwork. All they need is a valid South African identification number. This system not only makes the user experience fast and efficient but also plays a crucial role in combating identity fraud, an issue that has cost the South African economy a considerable amount.

Economies That Make Sense

The absence of physical branches and the cloud-based central banking system mean one thing: significant savings for TymeBank. And the best part? These savings are directly passed on to customers, allowing them to enjoy reduced fees and a more efficient banking system.

Rewards and Benefits

In addition to convenience and savings, being a TymeBank customer comes with its own benefits. Upon opening an account, customers are automatically enrolled in the Pick n Pay Smart Shopper rewards program, allowing them to earn double points every time they use their TymeBank card.

Card Issuance:

What sets TymeBank apart from many other banks is the ability to issue your debit card immediately after successful verification. No waiting, no delay. You can start using it right away.

Online Personalization and Configuration:

With your card in hand, you can access TymeBank’s digital platform to customize your account, set limits, configure notifications, and more.

The days of lengthy bank visits and complicated processes are a thing of the past. TymeBank, with its forward-looking vision and commitment to excellence, represents the best in digital banking services. If you’re looking for a modern, efficient, and rewarding banking experience, look no further. Join TymeBank and be part of the banking revolution. Don’t wait any longer; open your account today and step into the future of finances!

A Customer-Focused Journey

From the start, TymeBank positioned itself not just as a service provider but as a dedicated partner in each customer’s financial journey. Understanding the nuances and challenges of the South African financial landscape, the bank constantly strives to bring solutions that meet everyday needs while preparing customers for a financially stable future.

Beyond Expectations

Many banks promise to change how they operate and serve their customers, but few truly deliver. TymeBank goes above and beyond, consistently bringing innovations and updates that put customers first. The bank’s progressive vision ensures that it not only meets but exceeds expectations, setting new standards for the banking sector.

Join the TymeBank Revolution

When considering where to place your trust and financial resources, remember that TymeBank offers more than just banking services – it offers a partnership. A partnership built on trust, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. So, as you embark on this financial journey, know that with TymeBank, you’re not just choosing a bank; you’re choosing an ally dedicated to your financial success. Be part of this revolution and experience the difference of being truly valued as a customer.


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